KOUG Radio is a student-run radio station that assists in the creation of volunteer radio shows and provides audio services for campus events. Amanda created ads for the station website to promote KOUG Radio’s capabilities and upcoming events. The design above was placed on KOUG Radio’s front page to announce the reopening of event requests.

While Amanda primarily favors illustration styles of design, KOUG Radio’s atmosphere often required a more realistic form of branding. Therefore, for the ad above, A photo was picked as the main contributing factor of the design. The size of the promotion limited the amount of text that could be used. Therefore the photo (provided by Canva.com) was chosen to reflect the main significance of the ad: events. The atmosphere of the photo was adventurous and exciting, perfectly conveying a positivity that could be transferred over to KOUG Radio. A filter was applied to tint the photo blue, especially highlighting the lighting and smoke within the image. This gave the location within the photo a mystical and interesting feel. Building off of this color tone an opaque blue overlay was added. White text in a causal font was set on top of this overlay. Both aspects were placed to the left side of the ad to allow the majority of the photo to remain visible. The opaqueness of the overlay also avoided cutting the photo off. The final additions were the white plants which appeared to bloom from the corners of the photo. These complimented the text and smoke, causing them to pop against the background. The ad needed an additional design aspect and these flowers blended naturally with the theme of the photo.



Tools: Photoshop & Canva.com

Format: Digital

Client: KOUG Radio



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