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Sphinx is a simple game thats tests a player's ability to answer riddles. Each block on the righthand side of the webpage leads to a different riddle. Players  click on a block to read a riddle and must type in the correct answer to gain points. There are nine riddles in total.


Utilizing jQuery and  JavaScript Sphinx is able to identify correct and incorrect answers. Players may enter a correct answer a number of different ways and still gain points. However any incorrect answer, even the simple misspelling of a correct answer, results in no points. Players are also locked out of retrying a riddle once an answer is submitted. If a player wishes to switch riddles or exit a riddle prior to answering, the riddle remains accessible. HTML5 and CSS were used for the design and layout of the game. Simplistic organization was used to support ease of use. And color was applied to offset total monotony. Key imagery hinted at the theme of the game while simultaneously functioning as notifications for which riddles remained unanswered.

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Tools: HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript & CSS3

Format: Digital

Link: Here

amanda_logo 2.png