This cafe illustration was based on a personal photo taken in London. Snapped during twilight when the bubbled bay windows of the pub (the original building) filtered light onto the walkway which was, in opposition, darkening with the setting sun. There was an eye-catching play between the warm lights of the building and the cool colors of the paved street. The shadows and highlights here were amazingly distinct. The vivid differences between the liveliness of the pub and the slowing energy on the road motivated Amanda to capture this essence.

Inspired by mosaics and paintings with distinct blotches of color such as Vincent Van Gogh’s work, this illustration makes use of a multitude of colored blocks or segments. While up close these aspects can be distracting or over overshadowing, a step back allows a complete image to be revealed. These large pieces of color isolate and identify the relationship of light with each part of the building. Amanda is fascinated with color and shade which can be endlessly manipulated to influence emotion. Extremely powerful color can determine the feeling of an image, changing how an audience interprets its message. Through this study and other similar illustrations, Amanda is working towards developing a mastered control of color.



Tools: Photoshop

Format: Digital

Client: None

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