Speed Lemon.png

Team Speed Lemons arose from an inside joke among friends. The saying soon became a group name often used while traveling and gaining exposure to new and unusual experiences. The design above is a personal logo for the group.

Amanda came up with the idea after connecting together the circular shape of a speedometer and the similar shape of a sliced lemon. The design of the lemon half was inspired by an artist on Twitter known as @popoalu. Popoalu succeeds in creating stylized illustrations in Illustrator. Despite the limited format of the program highly favoring vectoring, Popoalu’s works transcend these limitations. Amanda commonly completes illustrations in Photoshop with the assistance of a drawing tablet. In this logo Amanda challenged herself to produce something less realistic, but still stylistically appealing in Illustrator. The coloring of the design, despite utilizing bright colors, is muted to avoid painful contrast between the red and yellow within the logo. What Amanda feels is her most significant accomplishment with this piece is how well she visually translated the group name into the logo.

amanda_logo 2.png



Tools: Illustrator

Format: Digital & Print

Client: None

amanda_logo 2.png
Team Speed Lemons Sketch
Team Speed Lemons Linework
Team Speed Lemons
amanda_logo 2.png