This ad was created for an interview with the Student Media Board at Washington State University Vancouver. Interviewees were asked to create a design for the annual event 'Coug Day at the Capitol.' Applicants were given only a few days to complete the project which would later stand as an example of the individual’s work quality and skill.

The main inspirations for this design were the rain of the Pacific Northwest, Olympia’s Legislative Building, and student vocalization. To make the ad distinct and to convey a sense of location without relying on text, an interoperation of Olympia’s iconic state capitol building was set center. The native weather contributed a stylistic flare that remained contextually fitting. The speech bubbles used to frame text allowed textual information to stand out. At the same time they also conveyed the purpose of the event, introducing students to a political atmosphere where they would be able to speak their mind. To wrap the design up the color scheme utilized nationalistic colors: red, white, and blue, with spots of neutral black and gray to avoid over saturation.



Tools: Photoshop & Illustrator

Format: Digital

Client: WSUV Student Media Board



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