A launch screen and icon were created for a fictional museum branch based in Vancouver, WA. inspiration was taken from the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan.

Both the launch screen and icon make use of the original museum’s logo and the silhouette of the Taiwanese building, because designs throughout the app needed to remain similar for cohesiveness.  The architecture of the original museum was culturally unique, which made the prospect of a new location being stylistically unique unlikely. a fictional branch in Vancouver, WA would gain very little from rebranding. Instead this project was approached as if the new museum was developing a following through those already loyal to the original museum or attracted to its eccentricity. Thus, sticking with familiar visual designs, would prove the most logical route to follow. This app borrows pieces of the old museum that are most visually striking. The landing screen utilizes a subtle monochrome theme because it appears limitedly. Design pieces are used sparingly but remain relevant and striking. Significantly smaller in size, the icon relies on fewer design aspects as well. The original logo is used in place of text since it gives context in a simplified manner. And colored architectural themes allow for the icon to be eye-catching while simultaneously providing more visual informational.



Tools: Illustrator

Format: Digital

Client: DTC Class



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