Comic Kick was a campus radio show about webcomics maintained by Amanda during her last year in University. To promote the show an ad was created and then printed and posted locally.

This ad design was inspired by Sha’an d’Anthes, an Australian artist whose work often incorporates canvases crowded with doodles of inanimate objects.  Her laidback style, which easily identifies her art, was adopted to convey the relaxed atmosphere of Comic Kick. Using hand drawn linework instead of vectors allowed for each individual piece within the ad to be unique. No object is repeated and each one is connected to the show's brand through one of three themes: radio, comics, or the Pacific Northwest. The dark and neutral colors of the background were chosen to allow the text to pop. And a watercolor texture was overlaid to maintain a casual ambience.



Tools: Photoshop & Huion Tablet

Format: Digital & Print

Client: Comic Kick



Copyright © 2020 Amanda Wiant. All rights reserved. 

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